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Top Marketing strategies during COVID-19 times

There is no time more important than now for rethinking and reinventing marketing strategies, especially digital marketing. Due to the current pandemic crisis, apart from customers who already shop online, we’re seeing a rapidly growing number of customers who are new to the digital shopping experience. In a consumer-driven market like ours, this is the best time to improve your company’s digital marketing efforts, including SEO, SMM, PPC, Google Ads and so on.

One of the key methods is to stay relevant to current consumer needs and demonstrate how your company is responding to the pandemic situation. For instance, using a video with warm and comforting visuals would be reassuring to consumers tired of seeing mostly negative news all day long.

While most companies today have an online presence, this would be the ideal time to make it even stronger. Focus more on your brand’s story, the website and the data within it so that you’re able to connect with your customers even better. Consistently research keywords and utilise social media platforms to know what potential customers are looking for, which will help you fine-tune your content marketing and keyword strategies.

With no immediate end to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, companies should ideally revisit their customer experience strategies to ensure the whole process is smooth for the end user.
With customers increasingly going online, your business should be able to respond to queries immediately, while optimising the end-to-end process and being able to engage cross different sales channels simultaneously.

No customer will connect with a brand that communicates or reaches out infrequently. Engage with your audience regularly and with a human tone so that they will actually want to do business with you. Make your customers feel important and let them know they’re a valuable part of your business, but not in a way that feels like you’re trying hard to sell your service or product.

Make sure your marketing communication is sensitive and thoughtful, especially in these difficult times. Not doing so will serve to highlight your company as unethical, which can do a lot of damage in the long run. Clients shouldn’t feel that you’re taking advantage of the current scenario. Being empathetic and expressing genuine concern will ensure that your customers keep coming back to you.

The pandemic has seen numerous businesses close down due to the fact that they couldn’t evolve fast enough. It is imperative to plan for the short term by adopting an agile pricing model and making drastic changes in marketing strategy; this can be achieved by studying insights from large quantities of customer and market data.

Remember the mission and vision statements on your website? Now would be a good time for marketers to reflect even more on the same. While keeping content genuine and appealing, re-evaluate your marketing strategies to keep your clients engaged in these difficult times.

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