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Marketing with Google Maps: A Comprehensive Guide

Ensuring your business has Google Maps visibility nowadays has become more vital than ever before. Not finding your local store on Google Search or Google Maps can hurt your business`s ability to reach the local customers, build loyal client base and build trust.

In short, Google Maps Marketing is the optimization of your Google My Business also known as GMB profile and ensure that your store can be found easily. Google Maps is your digital sign for your target customers.

Introducing an optimized Google Maps Marketing strategy makes use of free visibility that Google offer for local companies. Optimizing your Google Maps visibility is also free of cost; therefore businesses can largely benefit from its use.

Checklist for Google Maps Marketing Optimization

Although many businesses out there claim their Google My Business listing, many just register their business and provide only the most basic information. This results in lesser visibility and poorer Google Maps ranking, so what you can do?

Here is a checklist to optimize your Google Maps listing for maximum visibility-

  • Ensure that you use complete USPS approved address information-

You might think getting your address right is the easiest part of Google My Business listing. The surprising thing is many businesses get this wrong.

When entering your address into Google My Business profile, make sure that you use the same address information used by the USPS. This information can include room, suits, subdivision information, nine-digit zip code, and any other details that makes your business easier to find.  Double check for erroneous spaces and other formatting errors, as any slight mistake in address formatting can obstruct your Google Maps ranking.

Another thing to check is that your address is displayed in your Maps listing in the first place. There is a checkbox in your Google My Business settings that states whether you would like your address details to be displayed. The more data you feed into Google, the more likely you will rank highly in Maps results.

  • Take note to specify which areas you service-

Some business has a physical store but also may serve a wider area for example- pizza delivery or package carriers. If this is your business, it is crucial that you mention which areas your business services in your GMB profile. This can include names of nearby towns or cities you serve.

You should also mention whether you serve customers at the primary location of your business. If you do not, you don’t want people to arrive at your business expecting to be served especially when you are a phone-only company.

  • Verify your Google My Business Listing

Getting your Google My Business listing verified is the next thing on your to do list. The verification process may take a few weeks as Google insists on mailing a postcard with a unique PIN to the physical address listed in your GMB profile. Google also allow some business to verify ownership via phone.

  • Check all categories which are relevant to your business

Most of the businesses out there only mention their primary category when creating their Google My Business profile. This is a huge optimization opportunity missed. You should include additional categories that are also relevant to your business.

  • Optimize your Introduction

Your Google My Business introduction is a summary of your company, the products and services you offer and your USP. Many businesses don`t even bother to take the time to do this which is another missed opportunity for optimization.

Your introduction should contain all the information a prospective customer need to know about your business. You can also insert links to relevant pages on your site. Ensure that your introduction is a well-written and compelling one with all the relevant keywords.

  • Include relevant photos in your Google My Business Listing

Businesses with listings on Google that has photo are much more appealing than those that don’t have. The inclusion of photos can also provide a optimization opportunity.

  • Customer Reviews Matters

A business with no reviews is likely to compete with a business having lots of reviews. It is essential that you include good reviews in your Google My Business profile.

It is important to note that reviews will not be displayed unless you have at least five, so ensure that you ask satisfied customers to provide reviews.

There is nothing much you can do about negative reviews but respond appropriately according to Google`s guidelines. However, the assistance of a good growth hacking agency in Kochi can work wonders for your business.

Like other digital marketing optimization efforts, improving your visibility in Google Maps Marketing will take time. There are no quick hacks or overnight fixes even if you implement all the steps mentioned above. However, don’t despair. At Viral Mafia, the best online marketing company in Kochi, we help you stay on top of your optimization efforts, keep your information, and profile current, and focus on what really matters. Visit our website to make the most of your Google My Business Listing today.

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