Social Media Trends in Kerala

Social Media Trends in Kerala

The number of social media users in India has been steadily increasing as the country’s internet penetration has increased. Many people turned to social media to seek information or express themselves in the year 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, and various new topics and discussions began trending on social media in India. As the number of people using social media grew, so did the amount of money spent on digital ads. According to data, Kerala’s growth and various social media trends are set to continue. Social media has paved the way for famous digital marketing agencies in Kochi, Kozhikode, and several other regions too.

We were able to make it to 2021 from 2020 with the assistance of social media applications. It kept us connected with our loved ones even though we were separated by miles. We tried out virtual meetings, watched movies with our pals on Zoom chats, and even went to online parties. We have no idea how we would have searched for recipes if it weren’t for YouTube.

Live with Followers

Going live has become a staple in the lives of many influencers and bloggers. This notion is promoted by YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many more social media platforms, such as Clubhouse, where individuals can access live audio in their community or group. People addressed a variety of topics via this social audio app, ranging from the pandemic to women’s empowerment. In the Clubhouse, even audio-only dramas were broadcast. Live interaction is one of the social media trends in 2021.

Instagram TV

The first and most important aspect of social media platforms is entertainment. The reels and IGTV have revolutionized the way people discover and watch interesting material. Educators on social media have developed short IGTV videos on a variety of themes, like learning academics, morals, and online skills, including the equity and crypto markets, stock trading, and spoken English training, among many others.


Everybody has their own YouTube channel these days. Vlogs and uploading videos for enjoyment have turned into a side hustle. Malayalam material abounds on YouTube, ranging from food to technology to travel Vlogs. Vlogging is the most popular kind of content, and it also pays the content creator with paid promotions. Another feature of YouTube is the money it delivers for ads to its active users and video content developers.

Marketing & Campaigning on Social Media

In today’s world, conventional marketing approaches are being replaced by Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms that are heavily packed with online shopping pages and are employed for marketing objectives. Even small-scale company owners are looking for ways to sell their products on platforms like Instagram and its IGTV. It encompasses, as previously said, fashion, handcrafted items, and so forth.

Memes are another technique for interacting effectively with other people. It is a popular method of efficiently reaching out to individuals. Users are becoming more involved in terms of both watching and meme generation. Memes are popular as marketing and promotional tools. As more and more firms employ meme marketing for their promotional operations, 2021 has been a year where meme marketing has gained pace.

Social media trends have changed and will continue to change in the future. Anticipating today’s social media trends may assist you in developing a better presence in Digital marketing in future. You’ll know exactly what to look out for and how to adjust your social approach to keep up with the latest social trends.

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