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How Does SEO Audit Help A Website To Rank In SERPs?


SEO audit is a method of fixing and strengthening a website’s online relevancy. It usually covers vital elements of a website like content-related problems, website design, indexing, backlink analysis, and social media engagement.

An SEO audit is a standard operating procedure for any website. In fact, if you’re serious about your Internet business, you will make sure you are doing it frequently. Unlike a conventional audit, this one is performed entirely for marketing functions. A properly done SEO audit ought to provide you with a far better insight into your website, individual pages, and overall traffic. It’s a great way to improve performance permitting you to rank higher within the SERPs.

The SEO audit method begins with an overall analysis of your website to assess what action is required to best optimize it for search engines. Based on this analysis, viral mafia offers recommendations for raising your website to boost your overall search engine rankings. These recommendations could embrace broken links, HTML validation, browser and resolution compatibility, page loading times, search engine rankings, website statistics, and error pages etc. All of this is often enclosed in both our off and on page SEO audit.

Viral mafia can fully analyze your website with our SEO audit services to see the most effective strategy for you moving forward, and provide a recommendation on what to change in order that your website performs higher in organic search rankings.

The need of SEO Audit

Our SEO website audits are designed for those that are having trouble ranking for his or her intended keywords, however, are not sure why. Perhaps you believe that your sites have an error, however, you cannot ensure it. Maybe you think that there is a drawback with broken links, however, haven’t got the tools on the market to check. That is where we are available in.
Viral mafia’s SEO auditing plans embody investigation of all possible factors, from essential on-page parts like title tags to comprehensive sitemaps. We’ll examine your website and determine precisely where your marketing strategy will improve and the way you’ll improve it. Here are some specific things that our SEO audit can cover.

Evaluates Keyword Usage: An audit can assist you to understand whether or not your keyword usage is on purpose, placed well, and poised to bring in the optimum quantity of traffic.

Organic Search Rankings: If you’re paying for sponsored ads, you’ll need to continually seek for ways in which to cut down on this spending. An SEO audit will check to envision how well you’re doing in organic searches, therefore possibly avoiding the necessity of paid advertising. You’ll be able to additionally use the data gleaned from this part of the search to continue on with a lot of ways that ensure organic reach.

Helps you retain you in Line with Competition: The competitors in your marketplace ought to also be doing this frequently to see their SEO rankings, keyword placement and the like. They’ll be checking their Meta tags, links, and everything else, therefore in order to stay up with them, you need to additionally follow suit.

Understand where there is also the problematic code: An SEO audit will facilitate to review the back end of your website for bugs and different problems that will be slowing it down or pushing you down more in search rankings. You’ll need to get a technical professional like a net developer to assist you with this if you don’t have the data.


  • Title Tag

Title tags are a significant factor in helping search engines perceive what your page is about, and they are the first impression many people have of your page. 50–60 characters are used in the title tag. If you retain your titles under 60 characters, our analysis suggests that you will expect about 90% of your titles to show properly.

  • Meta Description

The Meta description tag in HTML is the 160 character snippet used to summarize an online page’s content. Search engines generally use these snippets in search results to let guests grasp what a page is concerning before they click on that.

  • Meta Keyword

Meta Keywords are a particular kind of Meta tag that seems within the HTML code of an online page and tells search engines what the subject of the page is. the foremost necessary factor to keep in mind once choosing or optimizing your Meta keywords is to be sure that every keyword accurately reflects the content of your pages.

  • Headings

H1 tag ought to be main headings which if followed by any h2, h3 and so on. The h1 is typically the boldest one whereas h6 font size is smallest.

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  • Google Preview

Google preview shows how your website show in SERPs

SEO Audit google preview

  • Alt Attribute

An alt tag is an HTML attribute applied to image tags to produce a text alternative for search engines. Applying pictures to alt tags like product photos will completely impact an eCommerce store’s search engine rankings.

  • Keywords Cloud

The Keyword Cloud is a visual representation of keywords used in the website. This will show you which words are frequently used in the content of a web page. Keywords having higher density are shown in larger fonts and displayed in alphabetic order.

  • Keywords Consistency

Keyword consistency means that having the keywords or sets of keywords that you simply need to rank for in searches spread over all the elements of a selected web page. Keywords systematically can facilitate search engine crawlers index and return the site in search results for that particular topic or keyword.SEO Audit Tools

  • Text/HTML Ratio

Your page is written in HTML code and also the content displayed is usually in a text. The text to HTML ratio is that the correlation percentage of actual text content found on an online page.

  • GZIP Compression

Gzip is a technique of compressing files (making them smaller) for quicker network transfers. Compression permits your internet server to produce smaller file sizes that load quicker for your website users.

  • WWW Resolve

A WWW resolve is an easy command that ensures that once you enter your internet address WITH a WWW or without a WWW – you finish up at the same place.Free SEO Audit Tools

  • XML Sitemap

A Sitemap is an XML file that contains full of your individual web-page’s URLs. it always used for the aim of letting the search engine crawlers follow the links to any or all your individual web pages so it won’t miss out on anything.

  • Robots.txt

The robots.txt file additionally called the robots exclusion protocol or standard is a text file that tells web robots (most typically search engines) which pages on your website to crawl.

  • URL Friendly

URLs are the building blocks of an efficient website hierarchy, passing equity through your domain and directing users to their desired destinations.

  • Backlinks Counter

      A backlink is a link that one website gets from another website. Backlinks build an enormous impact on a website’s prominence in programme results.


One of the most important factors in SEO is usability, those that visit the website expect simple thing like page speed, language, load time this all things to be managed. Should guarantee a broken link doesn’t occur since it decreases traffic flow. Also, we need high domain authority it will increase the value of the website.SEO Audit Tools For Usability


Every year individuals pay additional and more time on their mobile devices and tablets, however, several websites still are not designed to account for various screen sizes and load times. Mobile optimization takes a glance at website style, website structure, page speed, and additional to make sure you are not unwittingly turning mobile guests away.

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  • Speed Tips

Page speed is commonly confused with “site speed,” that is truly the page speed for a sample of page views on a website.

  • Analytics

Analytics to track the performance of your keywords so as to have a prospering campaign. You will be able to know how a lot of traffic each of the keyword brings to your website.

  • W3C Validity

Validating your website is very important because there are code errors which will cause serious styling problems from an online design perspective.

  • Doc Type

Need to use the HTML 5 doctype.

  • Encoding

UTF-8 has commonly used encoding for all HTML files.

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  • Social Data

It includes social media(Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn) status.


  • Traffic Rank

Traffic rank is a ranking of your website versus all of the other websites across the web (e.g., Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube) with reference to the quantity of organic traffic.


  • In Page Links

An internal link is one that points to a different page on a similar website.

  • Broken Links

Broken links are links that send visitors to the webpage that not exits.

We suggest SEO audits for anyone who has to bother ranking and needs solid, actionable recommendation on what to try to next. SEO auditing also can be useful for each kind of business that recently started a website and desires to understand where they can improve on their earliest web pages. in spite of your need, SEO audits are the primary steps to making an online marketing strategy that works.



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