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Are Instagram ads effective for generating sales?

If you are seeking an answer to this question, let me assure you with a big Yes!

If selling is art, and you are the artist, then you are in dire need of an art exhibition to showcase your selling skills. In the digital world, Instagram is that exhibition for you.  

Instagram is like that busy street, bustling all the time. With all those people aggregated in one place, it is your best shot at business expansion. On that street, all you need is a billboard with an attractive ad placed at a perfect vantage point. A lot of interested people will find you, which will result in better sales. The only difference is that with Instagram, you can target a specific audience who are looking for similar services.  

Reach of Instagram

With over 1 billion users logged in every month, it is a platform best suited for showcasing your products. All you need is a well-crafted ad to attract people by inducing trust in them.

Data says that over 130 million Instagram users click on shopping posts every month, which implies that it is one of the best marketplaces where business and services of all scales and niches can promote their products with accurate tracking of their conversion journey. This will give better insight into what works and what does not in their advertisement strategy. The outcome of the advertisement campaigns becomes reproducible with so much collected information on the target audience.

According to a report of Facebook IQ commissioned study, 54% of Instagram users purchase a product after they see it on the app. This is a huge number. Out of the total users surveyed in this study, 79% agreed that they search for the information after seeing the product, out of which,  65% visit the websites.

Over 25 million businesses depend on this platform to generate sales. There is less scope for organic reach, but with the paid option, the ads are placed at the right spots to the right audience who are likely to buy the products.

Instagram ads

It is a form of targeted paid ads, based on demographics, interests and behaviours. It offers precision targeting. Marketers can select conversion objectives themselves. Paid ads help circumvent the Instagram algorithm and directly appear to the target audiences. It is an assured platform to generate more sales and revenue for businesses.

There are various formats of Instagram ads like Image ads, Video ads, Story ads, Shopping ads, Carousel ads, and Reels ads. The ads will appear on the main feed or in the reels section, depending on the format you choose. Every format has its pros and cons. It is advised to choose a combination of formats to run your ad campaign for better results.

The paid campaigns are like organic reach and do not feel intrusive. The only thing that says it’s paid is the ‘sponsored’ tag. Ads are presented in the same way as Instagram posts and this encourages users to engage with the posts or ad campaigns.


The costs to run an ad campaign on Instagram vary based on various variables like Bidding Strategy, Ad Quality, Target Audiences, Competitors, Seasonality, etc. Thus, you must keep an eye on track reports and control your budget carefully. For example, if a competitor with a high budget starts bidding against your target audience, your costs may go high in a short period.

The type of Instagram campaign selected also determines your cost of ad campaigns on Instagram. There are three types of Campaigns- CPE (Cost Per Engagement), CPC (Cost Per Click), and CPM (Cost Per Mille or Thousand).  

It is not impossible to run an ad campaign solo. But for better results and to avoid mediocrity in your advertisements, get help from a digital marketing agency. If you are a business owner and want to find your place online through marketing, then we at Viral Mafia are here for your help. We are a Digital Marketing Agency in Calicut, with over 50 expert staff who are trained in various aspects of digital marketing.

We have been in this business for almost 6 years now and offered our assistance to various giants in the market. Viral Mafia, as a team, has successfully generated over 400 crores of revenue for our clients.


As a Digital Marketing Company in Kozhikode, we are proud to be in this business where variables and competition are high, yet we rise above with our efforts to stay updated with the latest formats and trends of digital marketing strategies.  

We have also started Growth Academy, an initiative to build a professional perspective of digital marketing aspirants and bring them closer to the digital marketing world. With this course, you will be able to comprehend the intricate details of digital marketing and this will get you to take a closer look at the work done from the back end. This will open new horizons for you as you will become empowered with the knowledge of the digital world.

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