We Build Better and Stronger Brands Digitally!

Our brand management techniques make use of a combination of digital marketing tools to design and build brands online over different digital venues like websites, social media, apps and more. Today, a brand without a digital presence can merely survive in the competitive market. It is inevitable for firms to make use of diversified digital branding tools to ensure sustainable business growth. Branding distills your firms and your offerings to your customers. Branding is that memorable essence of your business that will make people remember your products and services, and make them continuously associate with you. Through digital branding, we will design and build your brand via websites, social media, apps and more. Thus, we will create a meaningful brand through the digital realm that defines exactly who you are!

Branding Campaign

Our brand campaign strategies are designed to make your brand’s story and message more visible to your potential and existing customers with an objective of enhancing brand awareness and ameliorating your brand’s equity in the consumer’s mind. A brand campaign gives organizations the opportunity to build, rebuild or retain its image in the minds of the customers. Through such campaigns, we will help you make your product or service stand out among that of the competitors. By knowing our client requirements, we create an effective brand campaign that aligns with your business objectives, and our brand campaigns will assist you control your brand’s narrative and public image, as well as differentiate you from the competitors, thereby helping you gain a competitive edge in the market.

Idea Branding

Viral Mafia, one of the best idea branding companies in Calicut, Kerala, creates and implements effective strategies that help a firm to promote a particular idea about their products or services to attract their target audience. A brand’s idea is considered as the essence of what a brand stands for. Idea branding can help brands to reflect their embodiment. It offers an emotional dimension to a brand and shows how a brand shows up to the outside world. A brand’s idea is like a guiding principle that shapes how people feel and experience a brand. Through idea branding, we help brands to connect with people’s higher state of meaning, emotions and purpose.

Product Branding

Through our online product branding strategy, we help you to differentiate your products and help it stand out from the rest of the products that your competitors are offering. We use different digital branding tactics to enhance the visibility of your products among the target customers and are aimed at increased sales and repeat purchase, thereby reaping the full benefits of product branding. Every successful product being sold in the market has world-class product branding done on different platforms, of which digital media is quintessential. Product branding is a vital element of the broader branding strategy as it gives your products value and personality that captivates customers towards it!

Personal Branding

Viral Mafia, one of the top personal branding agencies in Calicut, Kerala, creates personal brands that are authentic and genuine, and are easier to manage. Through personal branding, we help our clients to tell their stories that reflect their experiences, skills and personality for the world to see. Today, personal branding is inevitable for professional growth. Through personal branding we help you present yourself to your clients, thus giving you the opportunity to make sure that people see you in a particular way you want them to see. Personal branding offers you the means to highlight your strengths and showcase the best version of yourself. Hence, it makes people believe they know you much better and can connect with you.


Looking for the most effective ways to rebrand your business digitally? We are here to help you out!

Rebranding through digital channels helps your company to create a new identity in the minds of the investors, consumers, competitors and other stakeholders, and is inevitable for existing brands if they want to create a competitive edge. Our online rebranding strategies will help you build and maintain a strong digital brand, and you can also opt for digital rebranding if you are aiming to grow your business and reach out to new customers. By digitally rebranding in various ways like website revamp, social media updates, and web app modifications, we help you reveal not only a new brand story but also a novel visual identity across your prospects within a short span of time. This leads to deepened customer connections and faster feedback and response to the new brand, ultimately helping you in your business growth.

Corporate Branding

Our corporate branding strategy is designed and implemented to promote the brand name of your corporate entity as a whole, and not merely your products or services. So, the scope of a corporate branding in the digital realm is broader than regular branding. Digital revolution has increased the transparency of firms in the business world. This transparency impacts the customers’ perspective about a business organization, which in turn influences their purchase decision. We make use of this transparency as an opportunity by leveraging digital media and helping corporates create and maintain a positive brand image, mould corporate’s reputation, create a sustainable relation with the stakeholders and increase the company’s overall value.

Retail Branding

The emergence of the e-commerce market in this digital era has impacted the ways in which retail branding is undertaken. Using different digital marketing tools, we help retail brands to strengthen their online stores, help them in effective communication of positioning, and ensure their cross-channel consistency around visual identity. We also help to generate right perceptions about the brand in the minds of the customers, and assists brands in enhancing the customer experience. With the ever changing consumer buying behaviour across the physical and online worlds, retailers have to make sure of consistent and high quality brand experiences for customers across channels and points of engagement, and our team will help brands in doing so.

Destination Branding

Destination branding focuses on three main factors- reputation, identity and perception, and these represent the fundamentals of a destination. Reputation is the beliefs or opinions people have about a particular destination. This reputation needs to be built, protected, maintained and modified, if needed, over time. Identity of a destination is driven by its authenticity, its unique selling points and personality. Whereas perception about a destination is subjective as this varies from customer to customer. Our destination branding strategy helps create strong brand stories that resonate with the target audience, and we help our clients to obtain competitive differentiation essential to sustain in the competitive market. Our effective destination branding techniques ensure that the destinations stand the test of time and remain competitive.

Influencer Marketing

Today, Influencers have unlimited options as there are a lot of social media platforms to choose from, and there are different kinds of content they can create. For those who like video platforms, YouTube is a brilliant option. Some make use of blogging, Instagram and Facebook. Even Clubhouse might become a platform for influencers for their promotions. As influencers keep on finding new ways to be sponsored on their favorite platforms, Viral Mafia, one of the top influencer branding agencies in Calicut, Kerala, helps brands find the best influencers and content creators to promote their products and services through endorsements on the internet. We also leverage influencer marketing for brand awareness campaigns as it can lead to lead generation, conversions and sales.

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