How To Use Social Media To Hype A Product Pre Launch

How To Use Social Media To Hype A Product Pre Launch

Excited about your new product`s pre-launch? Of course, you should be! Social media can assist you to launch with a bang and find a way to set yourself apart from the competition! The key is to create buzz, tease the audience and draw people`s attention by creating anticipation and excitement. This is sure to make the pre-launch of your product more appealing and exciting.

As we are aware of the fact that the world is intrigued by the mysterious as people always have the urge to seek the unknown. As a proactive social media marketer, you should utilize this sentiment of the public to your advantage. Tease your audience, make them want the product and also make them eagerly wait for it!

Here are some fun yet practical guidelines from digital marketing agency in Kerala on how to use social media marketing to hype your product`s pre- launch and make your audience crave for it even before it gets released.

Create the desired hype with a teaser campaign

Commence the pre-launch of your product with a teaser campaign.  Don’t give out too many details, instead engage your audience with-

  • Behind the scenes footage
  • Q & A session
  • Teaser video using Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram stories

Before getting into the pre-launch of your product, keep a close eye on your audience! Build a rapport by regularly sharing enticing information. When the big day comes, they will be truly excited to lay hands on your product. Creating your own hashtag also helps increase reach and engagement around the pre-launch of your product.

Organize a contest-

People usually get excited when they are provided with a chance to win something. In this way they will be even more excited for the launch of your product. A ‘’Like to Win” type of contest might seem like a great idea when pre-launching your product on Instagram. Drive your fans to participate by inviting them to like your product`s pre-launch video.  Decide a fun prize and make your contest interesting and attention seeking. This technique is sure to compel your audience to spread the word in the form of likes, shares, tags, retweet, and repost. Giveaways makes for excellent rewards and helps your campaign to gain momentum. Contests instils curiosity driving more people to participate and win the contest.

Kick-start a crowd funding campaign-

Crowd funding can create hype about your product even before it launches. This is an excellent opportunity to create a fan base before seeing your product hit the market. People will believe in what you have to offer and will be more than willing to spread the word generously. Don’t forget to engage with your audience on social media to let them know how the crowdfunding goes, highlight milestones, and keep them updated with the progress.

Make use of Influencer marketing campaigns differently

Plan and come up with a new way to turn people`s heads around. When using influencers, ask them to come up with something original and unusual around your product so as to set off the right impact.




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