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How AI is Changing the SEO Landscape

From Siri to Alexa, to Google Home, Artificial Intelligence is all around us, consuming the age we live in.

What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that normally require human intelligence.


AI has become an essential component of major search engine algorithms, including Google. So, understanding AI has a significant impact on search engines and consequently on your website’s SEO.

With Artificial intelligence, you can analyze your website’s performance and create more effective SEO strategies by comparing data to competitors and industry benchmarks.

AI also provides suggestions on the most critical topics for your business and how to create more effective website content and speed up research and text creation.

Let’s divide the AI tools into three categories to understand how they can assist with SEO techniques:

With SEO AI tools, you can perform research at a broader and more profound level and get valuable data and information such as market trend analysis and competitive insights, reports on SERPs performance and user search intentions, and budget management for PPC campaigns.


This data and information allow you to:

  • Understand the underlying needs in a customer journey
  • Ascertain content opportunities
  • Delineate the opportunity space in the competitive environment
  • Map intent to content
  • Utilize structured data and markup
  • Create more long-tail content
  • Ensure that content can be scanned and surfaced quickly by all user agents



Bright Edge helps content marketers with optimizing their content and provides a unique way to view how various SEO changes impact the brand.


This software produces information in just one and a half hours. Its machine learns the exact algorithms that include which search engine you want to use.

Pave AI

The algorithm of the AI-based tool Pave AI  integrates marketing data from different platforms such as Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads and then analyzes them, so you can understand what works best and what needs to be improved. It offers personalized reports and data-driven recommendations, identifying the most relevant insights across all marketing channels.


With Diib, you can manage the analytics, improve your website performance, and know about your growth opportunities in one platform. You can research the best keywords and get suggestions for better rankings. It helps you to be present on social media consistently and can engage your audience with appropriate content.


This AI tool uses natural language processing to analyze content and provide insights and recommendations for improving its search engine visibility. It offers features such as analyzing the competition and real-time optimization to help you make data-driven decisions.


AI lets you automate and scale SEO, saving time to use in other vital areas. These tools help you automate technical audits, keyword research, content creation, content optimization, content distribution, tag management, and internal linking.


Alli AI

With Alli AI SEO software, you can track your traffic progress, build quality backlinks, get code and content optimizations, and scale business outreach. Alli AI has created a human tool that gives you the feeling of actually dealing with a person.


SurferSEO helps you to:

  • Plan what content is best for a specific audience
  • Create content fast with the right tone of voice
  • Get tips on content optimization for better rankings
  • Build high-quality internal links
  • Audit the website fully


AI helps you create relevant and valuable experiences for each customer or user.

With Personalization tools, you can:

  • Create content for every stage of the customer journey
  • Enhance the user experience and drive conversions
  • Utilize semantically specific pages to associate query and intent
  • Generate leads through search and social media
  • Publish content at the right time on the right networks



MarketMuse uses AI to speed up content development, thereby improving organic search rankings. It identifies the terms and topics to focus on to be competitive in specific topic categories and dominate them.


With Clearscope you can create Google-friendly content that gets searched, clicked, read, and shared to drive more traffic to your website. You can also track campaigns and get automated email templates and follow-up emails that simplify and ease your daily work.


Copy.AI helps you design content for your website, social media posts, ads, e-commerce, and in general for your marketing strategy.


It helps create original content for your blog post, email, social media content, etc. with Writesonic. This way, you can focus on the creative idea and save time without sacrificing the quality and originality of the content.


Frase helps content creators research, optimize, and create high-quality content. It includes a content briefs tool, a content editor, an SEO audit tool, and a chatbot integration. Frase integrates with various content management systems (CMS).

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