How A Website Redesign Can Boost Your Website Traffic

How A Website Redesign Can Boost Your Website Traffic

When do you think you will go for a website redesign? What? You don`t plan to do it anytime soon? Well, that’s a pretty bad idea and we have all the reasons why. Your website is your office in the digital space which attracts clients, answers questions about company and promotes products and services. With the advent of the pandemic, having an up-to-date website is becoming more essential than ever before.

The online world is constantly changing. Some trends live for months, maybe years and eventually becomes outdated. Let`s go a little more into detail on the benefits that comes with website redesign and also why it is a good idea to refresh your website-

New designs appear more professional

Of course, when you invite people to browse a website with outdated look, cheesy old graphics, and  one that isn`t mobile friendly, it will make your prospects take a step back and think, ‘’ Are these guys not doing well or what”?

Makes your website mobile- friendly

When your website was initially developed, it`s sure that the site is not designed keeping mobile users in mind. In recent times, website traffic is increasing from smartphones than from normal computers. If your website is not at all mobile- friendly, believe me you are losing out on valuable traffic. Redesigning your website will prevent you from losing out on prospects/ sales.

People prefer frequent changes and improvements

Your customers loved your website because it looked professional or innovative. As time passes, what used to be innovative, is now outdated. Your clients will expect to see changes or another iteration of your site. Frequent updates will let your customers know that they are seeing the latest information.

Old websites are not SEO- friendly

On-site SEO is important and ensures that your website can be properly indexed by Google. Older websites don’t have best search engine practices. Even if they had before, these things change overtime. Hence, redesign is essential for the proper functioning of your website.

Your call to action is no longer working, if you ever had one in the first place

You can’t simply have an informational website and expect your visitors to go looking for the contact page. On each of your page, you need a CTA button to help push your visitors to the next step. The CTA can be given for requesting a quote, giving you a call, or subscribing to your newsletter.

Providing the best possible experience for your target audience will further improve your success rates in acquiring more customers in the near future. The ever-changing online world witnesses trends that come and go, but with a successful redesign, your business can definitely last and evolve online for many more years to come.

For these five reasons, you should take a look at your website with a critical eye and realize that it’s past time your website matches up to the latest technology and standards.  Get in touch with our digital marketing agency in Kerala today to get your website redesigned to meet the latest standards.

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