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Why is business intelligence so important for digital marketing?

If you are investing in Digital Marketing, you must be aware of the term Business Intelligence (BI). It is an umbrella term for all data collection and analysis related to business.

BI was first coined by author Richard Millar Devens in the year 1865. In 1958, Hans Peter Luhn, an IBM computer scientist, came up with the idea of BI using technology. Later on, it became what it is today.  

BI is the tedious process of collecting and compiling data related to your industry and processing it for the betterment, all done in minutes by the BI tools. Through business intelligence, one could determine the past, understand the current, and predict the future of their product.

Data collected could be converted to graphs, pie charts, dashboards, and reports, which means the data could be easily interpreted and processed for the future course of action. BI collects different types of data- historical and current trends, third-party along with in-house, also, semi-structured and unstructured data like that on social media. This gives the correct insight that one can rely on to make decisions for the future of their product.

Any data that cannot be converted to a number cannot be analysed. This is what BI tools do, they turn the performance of the business into numerical data that can be easily interpreted by a commoner. It provides an actionable insight and can be relied upon. The chances of delay and misinformation through human errors are nullified.

Organisations can use these pieces of information obtained through data analysis and BI to identify shortcomings, predict business opportunities, make decisions for their product, understand the changing trends, and study the competitors beforehand.  

BI originally depends on data warehouses to create baseline information through collecting data from miscellaneous sources. This is brought under one umbrella system. BI collaborated with Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) can answer multidimensional queries. OLAP has accuracy for data analysis and it can be trusted for decision making.     

With BI, organisations could ask simple questions and receive simple answers to their questions. It makes those complex data interpretable.

Using BI, business enterprises can improve their Return on Investment (ROI) by understanding customer behaviour, and trends, monitoring performance, improving supply chain management, etc.    

Digital Marketing needs precise market study and data analysis to function well and give optimum output. The industry they are dealing with needs to be monitored daily for any changing trends, and any flaws in the strategy, also the target audience must be understood thoroughly. With all this in place, a favourable outcome can be expected. Without this, the existence of Digital Marketing is unimaginable. There are these BI tools that do all the work for the ROI of the product.

These BI tools can be combined with AI to automate and streamline complex tasks. This will speed up the task of analysing and interpreting the data collected.      

With BI tools, you can Know your customers well, as this provides insight into customer behaviour and trends. Strategies surrounding this information can be implemented to attain a better conversion rate. This sure will increase the traffic on the website and generate revenue.

BI tools can run a real-time analysis and give insight daily. This can help reduce marketing costs by making changes to the strategy that is useless for the product. BI can also help in email marketing, SEO marketing and predictive analysis. With all this data one can create wonders in Digital Marketing world by turning the product into a grand success.

BI is the soul of the market in this digital era. Keep up with it to succeed. It will help in turning an average business into a great one.

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