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Advanced Link-building Methods For Beginners

 Off-page SEO is about link building. Or in other words, generating traffic to your site and making your business appear high on a search engine in the unpaid section.In our experience, these off-page SEO activities are the high-value link building methods.

1) Guest Posting

Method of which you write and publish articles for other websites and get back a link to your website/blog in return.Websites are interested in publishing high-quality content on their blogs which they can make more traffic, as well as share with their current audience. This makes guest blogging a better solution for both website owners.

                                                        How Guest Blogging Should Work

Guest posting

Step 1: Find Related Websites

When you want to guest post, look for related websites that have good domain authority, that accept guest posts.

Step 2: Contact The Website Owner

After finding it, ask whether the owner accepts guest posts. explain your qualifications, and ask for permission to guest posting. If the editor contacts you and asks for your data, then submit a well-prepared pitch.

Step 3: Wait for the approval

Editors receive many requests from other guest bloggers, so you might have to wait a few weeks. If you request to hear back after a few weeks, send a short description. If you still hear nothing, try to submit your guest post idea somewhere else.

Step 4:  Submit your blog

After getting the approval Send our contents following the format given by the website owners, and submit it on time.

2) Broken Link Building

Broken Link Building is also known as Dead Link Building is the process of building backlinks by replacing links to 404 pages with a working link.

The chances of getting a link in this method are high compared to guest posting because nobody wants dead links on their website. So once you tell website owners about broken links on their site, they’ll replace them with working ones. 

Step by Step Guide to Broken Link Building Method

Broken link building

Step 1: Find the right tool

The first step in broken link building is to understand what tools you would like. There are many links on the web, so you’ll need tools to assist reduce the work

Step 2: Find your prospects

There are different methods to find your prospects here I define the most common and straightforward method is broken link building.

 ➤Keyword research

Start by identifying a keyword that’s both relevant to your site and usually broad in scope.

Then, look for your target keyword in Google. Visit the highest results displayed as those typically contain the foremost number of links.

Next, plug the URLs of the highest results one at a time into a link database tool. The tool will offer you an inventory of pages linked to those top result articles.

Scan all of the pages for broken links using Check My Links, Alternatively, you’ll extract the URLs using Xenu’s Link Sleuth

Step 3: Create Content

After you’re through with the primary two steps, you’ll have an inventory of broken links and therefore the pages that contain them. you’ll now create content that matches the broken link or improves upon it. After the searching of relevant keywords, you’ll have a general idea about the substance of the broken link pages. You’ll also look for it on to understand what the broken page seemed like.

A way to be smart about this is often to see the number of backlinks pointing to a broken link. That way, you’ll create content that targets broken pages with several backlinks and referrals.

Step 4: Contact your targeted website owners

Once you’re ready, contact the owners of the sites where you found the dead links. It’s best to possess an email template so that you’ll just edit the small print. Be sure to seem for the proper contact information for higher conversion rates

Step 5: Monitor the results

After you’ve contacted the webmasters, some will respond informing you that the dead page was replaced together with your link. However, others won’t, so you’ll need to check them yourself. you’ll roll in the hay manually or use the WebCEO’s Backlink Quality Check tool segment that shows you new links.

3) InfoGraphic Embeddinginfographic embedding

An infographic (information graphic) may be a representation of data during a graphic format designed to form the info easily understandable at a look.

The Infographic link building method goes something like this

Step 1: Design a high-quality infographic.

Step 2: Find other related sites that write on the same topic.

Step 3: Send them your infographic.

Step 4: Offer them quality content.

Step 3: Get your valuable backlinks to your website.

Off-page SEO might sound harder than on-page SEO because many off-page factors aren’t entirely under your control, but that’s the entire point. The harder something is to earn, the more reliable it’s as a ranking factor.

It’s also important to notice that traditional online and offline marketing activities can indirectly influence many of the factors above.

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