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Google Ads Quality Score: Tips To Improve Your Next Campaign

Everybody wants to drive enough relevant traffic to their website. For this people establish various techniques like SEO. If it is about driving quality traffic in less time, then Google ads are the best. The result doesn’t take months or years but shows you a noticeable difference in just days. One of the productive ways to make money is with the use of PPC or pay-per-click. To understand its maximum capability, we need to clarify the quality score or QS. Quality score affects the price and effectuality of the search campaigns in search engines. Google quality scores strongly affect PPC ads, their rating and costing. What does a high-quality score indicate? It is necessary to figure out the term. Growth Hacking Agency in Kochi is a good option if you are preparing to improve your next campaign.

What do you mean by a high-quality score?

Google AdWords quality score factors determine the level and importance of keywords and PPC ads. It identifies the actual cost of each click made by the users on a resource. Regarding Google ads, it also requires a parameter that can display the picture of the Ad. The effectiveness of your ad in tackling the competition head-on is crucial. Therefore, it’s indeed preferable to have a high-quality score. Constantly think about how to improve your AdWords quality score for better results. A quality score ranges from 0 to 10. A higher grade denotes the superior quality of the ads. A good Ad rank in SERP can be simply attained by an Ad with a high-quality score.

How to Improve Google Ads Quality Score?

It’s essential to improve your ratings by regularly working on your account since Quality Score in Google Adverts and Microsoft Ads influences where and how frequently your ads display. If you want to be successful with PPC, you should decide on the strategies that will improve your Google AdWords quality score. Focusing your efforts on a few crucial areas with the support of any Digital Marketing Agent can help you achieve this.

1. Keyword Research 

Consider new, highly relevant keywords to use in your ads, such as long-tail opportunities that can account for the majority of your traffic. To establish successful campaigns, you need to remain updated with trends, regularly monitor the search results, and adjust your keyword selection.

2. Keyword Organization

Create small, well-organized groupings from your keywords so that they may be more easily connected to specific ad campaigns. To tailor each campaign’s launch, it is vital to classify your target terms into logical categories.

3. Refining Ad Content 

Try out PPC ad copy that is more specifically tailored to each of your ad groups. Higher CTR is one of the prominent strategies to raise Quality Scores since more successful advertisements receive higher CTR. Creating high-quality ad content is further essential to succeed. Make sure your content is compelling, relevant, and original.

4. Optimizing Landing Pages

Use best practices for landing pages to develop pages that relate to your ad groups directly and provide visitors with a seamless experience from keyword to conversion. Ensure that your advertisements send potential customers straight to your home page. This is where the effectiveness of your keyword combinations and ad content is useful.

5. Adding Negative Keywords 

Research, discover, and eliminate all unnecessary search phrases that are costing you money. Make allowances for negative keywords that are uninteresting and unable to advertise your goods and/or services in any way. Keep in mind that they do nothing more than waste your funds.

The AdWords quality score depends on various factors like:

  • Click-through rate or CTR
  • Keyword per its original ad category/group
  • Significance of the Landing page rate
  • Level and effectivity of ad content
  • History of your AdWords account

As you can see, Quality Score mainly functions as a relevancy factor. The quality and specificity of your ad and website content will automatically increase with better keyword research and management. This enables you to specifically target the demographic that will most likely be looking for your services.


The fact is that running an Ad campaign, without analysing the quality score will take your campaign nowhere. How to improve Google AdWords quality score has always been a concern of most users unknowing that it is actually easier to handle. Just that we need to work on the root cause to maximize it. It is also the best indicator to check the quality score and find out the room for improvement. Even after running an ad campaign, it’s good to work on qualitative measures of the ad for further improvement. This, in turn, enhances the Ad and delivers the best to the audience.

Apart from what we have discussed above, a good Digital Marketing Agency in Calicut can help you gather more data about the quality scores in AdWords. So that you can make the best out of the Ad campaigns. Initially, focus on the quality score and less worry about the results and the benefits of a successful Ad campaign follow.

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