Top Web Development Trends & Technologies in Kerala

Top Web Development Trends & Technologies in Kerala

The trend in web development changes as constantly as it changes in other industries. These trends are changing even sooner in recent years. In order to help designers stay ahead of the curve, it’s essential to have an idea about new concepts, techniques, updates, and the latest trends in your industry. Digital Marketing Agency in Kerala should really look into these new trends!

•Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

This technique is similar to the native mobile apps but in website form. A recent study mentioned that, compared to native apps, PWAs have 36% more conversion rates. So, this is a trend worth noting and can be successfully used to build your business. Its primary goal is to give web users a similar experience to mobile apps across different devices. Its app-like features are giving users a new mobile kind of user experience online, without having to download any app at all. Giant brands such as Forbes, Twitter, and Amazon combines web apps and also native mobile apps to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions.

•Dark-Themed User Interface

This is a common trend in mobile app development and is beginning to pick up pace in the field of Web Development. Dark themed interfaces are easier and safer for the eyes as it reduces the eye strain and makes users see the content by enhancing the content’s visibility. It is also better for battery life as it takes less energy when using black pixels than the light one. It’s also more stylish and attractive and gives the users a better experience. This trend is already in use by Social Media giants such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Youtube and many Digital Marketing Agencies in Kochi and Calicut etc to build their business.

•Web Assembly

This is another interesting trend that you can consider, especially when it comes to your web applicant’s performance. Heavy calculations are usually slow because of JavaScript’s limitations, and this diminishes the user’s experience. This is why WebAssembly is a trend nowadays. This technology makes it possible to do coding in any language, and it is absolutely feasible to compile it into byte-code running in a browser. It also affects the textual assembly languages that correspond to it, which facilitates interactions between the various programs.

•Artificial Intelligence(AI) & Machine Learning(ML)

Over the years, we have seen artificial intelligence find its way into the digital spheres of our lives. With more companies investing in this latest and most advanced technology, we are beginning to see more of its capabilities. Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language processing are some of the most exciting aspects of AI that have gone past being a concept to being used fully.

These are some of the recent trends and technologies in web development. Although it changes constantly, these are so far the most advanced and are really effective.
By using these trends, web developers create websites that are appealing to users and give the best user experience.

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