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SEO – Trends & Best Practices to Stay On Top of Google

2020 has become a giant year for SEO and digital marketing, with new trends, updates, and tools that helped optimize our techniques and methods and perform higher overall. This helped boost SEO to new heights leaves a lot of space for growth within the near future.

Microformats translate to search engines what your content is concerning. The use of those labels usually comes by a method of rich snippets, an option you’ve likely noted seeing within popular SEO plugins like Yoast. Rich snippets provide info on the far side merely the URL, title, and description to be transposed into Google’s SERP display.


People are increasingly turning to their mobile phones for online searches. Mobile devices now account for nearly 60% of all traffic and that number is only going to high. With mobile indexing, Google will ultimately begin with your content’s mobile version in deciding where that content is placed in the SERPs. This concept is practical for Google because it eliminates the traditional weak link in indexing the content. When Google begins indexing desktop content as the priority, this often meant that some poor loading version of that content is dragging down the mobile search results. By beginning with mobile indexing as a priority, the issue of a poor loading on desktop become much lesser.

Check whether your website is mobile-friendly on Google mobile friendly tester. You should always be cross-checking your website’s load times, responsiveness, and usability across multiple platforms to ensure the highest-quality experience.


The number of people who use voice assistants is actually growing year by year, at a very high rate. It is estimated that 50 percent of all searches will be done by voice by 2021, so people who are looking up local businesses and services using voice search devices also increases.

Voice searches tend to be longer than searches entered through a keyboard. Therefore, your SEO must concentrate on finding and using keywords that are 7-9 words that people are apt to use in conversations. These keywords usually contain a question.


If there is any trend that keeps coming back year after year, it is content quality. You really can’t play down on the quality of content the Internet demands. Day by day, users will always demand content that has true value. That’s why developing quality content is an all-year-round trendy. Creating authentic and trustworthy content is an important element in a successful SEO strategy and using the right tools and targeting the right market allows your website to receive substantial traffic. If you want to win the hearts of existing customers and potential users, and as well get favor’s from search engines, then you just must continually deliver quality content that is relevant to your business.


Social Media has influenced the growth of numerous brands and websites, helping them gain online presence and traffic in a similar way that search engines do. By creating quality social content, optimizing it and sharing it with as many social influencers as possible to gain more quality shares and views. When you share content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the like, you’re exposing a wider audience to your brand/website.

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