Improving SEO Through Internal Link buildingImproving SEO Through Internal Link building

Improving SEO through Internal Link building

Your content needs links, before it can rank. In the field of content marketing, strategic internal linking is the simplest way to boost SEO.

Internal Linking

The hyperlink on a webpage pointing to a different page, on the same website or domain is called an internal link. These links allow users to navigate a website easily.

How to boost your SEO through Internal Linking

Create more content

If you have many internal pages. you can create many internal links.. A strategy is required to create keyword-rich content, with the idea of naturally linking pages. Focus on long-tail keywords in your content that have a high search volume.

Link High Authority pages to New for improved rankings

Distribute link authority to the most critical SEO-driven pages of a website with the help of Authority transfer technique.

Use Anchor Texts

Your internal links must use anchor texts, the clickable texts that visitors see. Use natural, unoptimized, descriptive sentence fragments as anchor texts. Do not use the same anchor texts for two different pages.

Link deep

Most natural and best links in a content marketing strategy are deep within the structure of a site. Avoid homepage links which are already too many and the Contact us page links.

Use contextual links

Internal linking should be user-focused so as to add value and information. Internal linking improves user engagement. A user is likely to click on an informative link that truly matches the context of content, and stay longer to get involved in a better website experience..

Use relevant links

You must link content that is relevant to the source context, as much as possible, so that good user experience is provided and your website ranking is increased. Create the link smartly.

Use a reasonable number of Internal Links

Around three to four internal links will be great on a given page, depending on the length of your post, though there is no magic number as such. Try to add as many links as would be helpful for the user. Spread the links evenly throughout the content and not in clusters close to each other.
Take care not to create massive blocks of site-wide footer links.

Put links high up on your page

If you place internal links high-up on a webpage, it increases the time spent and reduces the bounce rate. So, while distributing internal links throughout the content, just add one or two at the top to keep your users hooked for a longer time.

Use follow links

The best way to build out the internal link architecture of your content marketing is to use follow links.

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