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Importance of Structured Data in SEO

The importance of structured data in SEO is being widely recognized by the digital marketing agencies in Kochi. Structured data in SEO is a type of data that is highly organized and can be understood by machine language. We face different types of structured data every day such as numbers, currency, dates, addresses, names and so on. Structured data is the metadata stored in the web-page but invisible for the user. It is a way of providing information about your content to Google.

To do this, we need to use language it can understand and the most common language used is, which supports three main formats: JSON-LD, Microdata, and RDFa. Google recommends using JSON-LD wherever possible, as it can be easily understood and implemented. SEO’s structured data helps search engines better understand what the content is specifically about.  Structured data can also create a good result for users of all kinds. Among alternative things, it will offer the simplest data relating to a company providing marketing management itself has presented that company within a page.

The most attractive feature of structured data is that it is possible to manipulate, input and search among its data. Another forte of structured data in SEO is that it is a very comprehensive type of data and provides useful information as well as helping companies rely on more than only the paper-based systems. Google finds it easier to understand structured data in comparison with unstructured data and semi-structured data, and recently encouraged web users to use structured data with JSON-LD format. SEO professionals of internet marketing have used structured data since way back like structured XML data. Unstructured data, which is caused to duplicate data, is a No-No for SEO because it will result in different URLs for the same product. But, if you use structured data, the website will be clear for both the search engine and the user. In other words, by using structured data, you will have an internally consistent website which is a favorite for the search engine and has a positive effect on search engine ranking of your website.

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